The Burial Site

Posted by on October 20, 2012

Leshanna, continuing her ruse, got close enough to Agrid to threaten him. She grabbed him and touched his neck with her wrist blade, drawing a tiny bit of blood. She then told Agrid a fearsome tale about the Drow ritual of Mylthar, which she would perform on him if he did not tell us where to find Douven Staul. Agrid was obviously frightened, but claimed not to know any Douven Staul, or where he might be. Leshanna released Agrid and he stumbled away, clearly cowed.

The dragon-like guards at the entrance, however, were unfortunately not frightened at all, and proceeded to attack Leshanna. Once out of her reach, Agrid yelled “Kill them all, Kalarel will reward us well!” Orsik and Larksong moved in to help Lashanna, while I charged at Agrid, swearing my Oath of Enmity. It was a very close fight, but we were once again victorious.

Agrid was wearing a locket, which upon opening revealed a picture of Douven Staul’s wife. Leshanna also sensed magic in the locket, and believed it to be an amulet of protection.

The crate which so excited the workers contained an unremarkable, dirty mirror. It appears to be very ancient, but not magical.

A sack in one corner of the burial site proved to contain the unconscious and badly wounded Douven Staul. There was little that we could do for him at the burial site, so we stabilized him and are now proceeding back to Winterhaven.

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