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Posted by on October 6, 2012

After defeating Irontooth in the Kobold lair, we thoroughly explored the caverns and discovered a treasure room. Inside, we found a small iron cage with a Pixie inside. The Pixie introduced herself as Larksong, and begged us to release her. Fearing a trap, we were hesitant at first, but then the Pixie began to sing and all of our worries melted away. We freed Larksong from the cage, and she has even agreed to join our party.

Tired and battle worn, we decided to make camp rather than risk to long trip back to Winterhaven in the dark. Orsik fortified the treasure room door and set wards, then we all bedded down for a much needed rest.

In the morning, we carefully made our way out of the cave and headed back to the road without incident. On the way to Winterhaven, we encountered a caravan. They were well armed and battle weary, but more than willing to trade with us.

Back in Winterhaven, we immediately set out for an audience with Lord Patraig. We were told to wait at the inn, where we overheard that Valthran and Ninaran had gone to investigate the burial site, where Douven Staul is believed to have vanished. Presently we were joined by Lord Patraig and Captain Kelfem. They were as disturbed as we about the possibility of spies in Winterhaven, but could give us no clues about the identity of either Orcus or Kalarel.

After collecting our reward, we set out for Valthran’s tower. No one answered our hails, and the door was locked. Leshanna tried to discern whether any magic had been used recently, and was thrown to the ground by a powerful ward on the tower. It seems that Valthran is more than a simple scholar.

On to the burial site, where we hoped to find some clues to Doven Staul’s whereabouts. We endeavored to approach quietly, wary of ambush. Orsik however, being a Dwarf, is as at home in the forest as, well, a Dwarf in the forest. I felt the tip of a spear in my back, and a low voice came over the wind: “Who goes there? What are you searching for?”

“We are looking for you,” I replied, and turned to face Ninaran. She hissed in surprise, but seemed agreeable to see us. Valthran came out from concealment and greeted us as well. They told us they had seen four or more humans at the burial site, and wishing to avoid a confrontation were on their way back to Winterhaven. Valthran also told us he has important information about the keep ┬áNortheast of Winterhaven, and we should come to his tower tonight. And with that, he and Ninaran left us.

We continued on to the burial site, more quietly this time, and found a clearing with a crater in the center. Inside the crater were the humans Valthran had described, as well as two man-sized dragon-like creatures standing guard. Four of the humans appeared to be digging, in search of who knows what, while a fifth walked among them, overseeing their labors, clearly in charge. I leaned over to whisper with Orsik, when Leshanna suddenly stood up and said, “Hey big boy, whatcha got there?”

Startled, the leader replied that it was none of her concern. Leshanna and Larksong continued the ruse and sashayed closer, while Orsik and I crept around under concealment to a better tactical position. The leader, called Agrid, became increasingly agitated as he tried to shoo Leshanna and Larksong away. Suddenly, one of the diggers shouted ,”I’ve found it!” ┬áThe leader, forgetting the intruders for the moment, ran to see. “Yes!” he exclaimed, practically bouncing. Then, as if remembering the unwanted guests, he turned to face Leshanna and Larksong with a malicious grin. “You there! Come and see what I’ve found!”

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