The Adventure Begins

Posted by on September 12, 2012

Orsik received word from the wife of his mentor, Douven Staul, that Douven had been missing for many days. He was last seen near Winterhaven, while searching for a dragon’s tomb. Of course Orsik was quick to offer his services, and the rest of the party equally quickly agreed to help.

So we gathered our gear and set out for Winterhaven. Near the end of our journey, we were ambushed by a group of Kobold marauders. We dispatched them without too much difficulty, but were nevertheless happy to reach the safety of Winterhaven’s gates shortly after.

The guards at the gate did not recognize either Douven Staul’s name or description. When we inquired about the Kobold marauders, ┬áthe guard spit on the ground and asked that we speak with Captain Rond Kelfem, who would surely be interested in whatever information we could give. Apparently the Kobolds are becoming more bold and frequent in their raids.

Being tired from our journey, we headed immediately for Wrafton’s Inn. In addition to some well-needed rest we hoped to acquire some helpful information or rumors concerning our quest. The inn’s proprietor and namesake, one Salvana Wrafton, proved to be friendly enough. She remembered Douven staying at the inn, and suggested we stay for market day in the morning and talk with the other townspeople.

Here is a summary of what we were able to learn:

Bairwin Wildarson
Bairwin is the shopkeeper. He remembers seeing a man fitting Douven’s description talking with Eilian.
Eilian the Old
Eilian remembers speaking with Douven. Douven had had questions about an old burial site, to which Eilian was able to point the way. He very helpfully drew a map for us to take.
Ninaran is an Elf huntress. She is not very friendly, and unable or unwilling to provide any information about Douven’s whereabouts. I sensed a kindred spirit, however. I left a small trinket as a gift, one hunter to another. Perhaps we will meet again.
Valthran the Scholar
Valthran mostly stays in the tower, but he came down for the market. He told us of a keep to the Northeast, little more than a ruin now. He asked that we check back with him about the keep.
Lord Ernest Padraig
Lord Padraig is the lord of Winterhaven. He is concerned about the growing number of Kobold raids, and asked that we speak with Rond Kelfem, the captain of the guard.
Rond Kelfem
Rond is the captain of the guard in Winterhaven. Though he was unable to help us locate Douven, he did offer a substantial reward for cleaning out the Kobold lair to the Southeast.
Delphina Moongem
Another Elf, Delphina sells charmed flowers, herbs, and other magical ingredients of little use to one such as me.

We decided to clean out the Kobold lair before continuing our search for Douven. It is our hope that the lair, or its denizens, will contain valuable information or clues to aid our search. Not to mention some much needed coin to better prepare for the adventure.

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