The Dark Keep II

Posted by on November 14, 2012

After looting and carefully searching the entrance room, I heard a metallic clanking sound coming from near the stairs. We went closer to investigate, and discovered the sound was coming from the corridor near the entrance. Carefully, we crept down the corridor until our way was barred by a closed door. Two more doors were on each side of the corridor. We could hear goblin voices behind the door on the end, and could see faint blood stains on the floor leading to the door on the left. Looking through the keyhole of the door on the end, I saw a torture chamber with several goblins. It looked as though one of the goblins was instructing the others on the finer details of the iron maiden.

I tried to quietly open the door so that we could rush in and surprise them, but we were betrayed by a squeaky hinge. The goblins inside were alerted to our presence, but we were able to subdue them. Their leader was rendered unconscious, and the last two goblins surrendered. During the battle, we heard a voice cry out for help in common from beyond a bend in one of the corridors leading from the torture chamber.

We questioned the two goblins who surrendered, but were unable to learn anything. Leshanna killed the first one as an example, and the second out of frustration. We put the leader into the iron maiden to question him when he awakes.

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