The Dark Keep

Posted by on November 7, 2012

As we emerged into the large square room, I noticed something suspicious about the area in the middle, and warned the others to keep away. The goblin attacks me first, and deals a devastating blow. I rally, however, swear my Oath of Enmity, and give back as good as I got. Two more goblins with crossbows emerge from a corridor on the other side of the room and join the fray.

The big goblin bull rushed me and forced me into the middle of the room. Without warning, the false floor gave way and I crashed down into a pit. Fortunately, there were no spikes at the bottom, but there was an angry swarm of rats more than willing to finish me off. Niva sent her spirit companion to my aid, and Larksong sprinkled some fairy dust, allowing me to levitate out of the pit.

After a few more rounds of vicious battle, we emerged victorious.

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