A Day in Winterhaven

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After meeting up at the inn, we decide to search for Captain Rond to tell him what we learned at the burial site. The guards suggest that we may find him at the warrior’s guild, so we all make our way there. At the guild, we find Captain Rond training with his men. He gestures for us to approach, and asks if we would like to train with them. We all feel that a bit of combat training would be a good idea.

Orsik gathered a group of recruits interested in hammer techniques, and showed them a few tricks.

Leshanna practiced knife fighting with a short human. She had difficulty at first, but was soon able to best him.

Larksong took up a bow and practiced at the range, doing fairly well.

I grappled with Captain Rond, and was able to pin him several times. He was impressed with my technique and asked if I would train with him more often.

After the training, we headed to to the inn with Captain Rond to unwind and talk about our findings. We told Rond  about the burial site, Douven Staul, the Dark Keep, and our suspicions of Valthrun. He thanked us for the information and assured us that Lord Padraig would be grateful as well.

We all wanted to pay Douven Staul a visit and check on his recovery. To our surprise, we found him awake and eager to talk. He had heard there was a dragon horde near Winterhaven, and went searching for it. While he was searching, he encountered Agrid, and was captured and tortured. While he was imprisoned, he heard his captors speaking about their master, Kalarel. He believes Kalarel is a male priest, but does not know any more. Finally, he removed the picture of his wife, Nensi, from the locket and gave it to Orsik. The locket is actually an amulet of healing, and quite valuable.

Sister Lenora, the priestess of the temple, insisted that we let Douven rest. I asked if there was an extra room in the temple where I could meditate and spend the night, while the others went back to the inn.

At dawn, we gathered at the inn and prepared to go to the Keep. When we left the village, the guards at the gate passed us a note from Captain Rond, who urged us to be cautious.

As we approached the Keep, Leshanna sensed old magicks in the area. The path widened to a clearing, with no life whatsoever. The ground was bare earth, without even weeds among the ruins. The complete absence of wildlife lent the area an eerie silence. Someone however had cleared away enough rubble to reveal a stairway leading down.

We reconnoiter the area and are unable to detect any traps, neither magical nor mundane, but we do hear chittering sounds from the stairs. Larksong searches the woods nearby and doesn’t find anything threatening, but does find two very valuable flowers. I crept up to the stairs, again finding no traps, and saw flickering torchlight at the bottom. The others joined me at the top of the stairs, and Leshanna told us she sensed magic down the stairs, in the distance.

We carefully proceed down the stairs, but unfortunately are not very quiet. At the bottom, we emerge into a large square room, with a large Goblin warrior. He sees us, and grins.

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