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Saturday, October 6th, 2012

We set off in the morn for the long voyage to Winterhaven! We made sure that we would have everything we needed (food, water, light, ale, etc…) and made haste.  Around midday when the sun was at its highest, these wee little vermin bandits ambushed us for our ale!  We made quick work of them, but the last one managed to hit me head with a sling then I went down.  I wasn’t down for very long, for that big dwarf shaman, Niva, healed me right up when we killed those vermin.  After the battle we looked through the bandits things and I took the sling that knocked me out to use against future foes. All in all it was a good fight, I was a little sad I missed the end. I hear that that emotionally unstable eladrin took care of them while we were taking a wee nap.

The Note

Monday, October 1st, 2012

While me and my companions were having a nice mug of ale a messenger comes in and yells, “Message for Orsik!”  Now Never getting a message before in my life I start jumping up and down yelling, “I’m Orsik over here!”  When the messenger came over he gave me the letter in a state of shock and said, “Here is your letter…” Then he walked off.  My companions looked at me and the wee kitty asked, “Haven’t you ever gotten a letter before?” Naturally I reply, “Besides this, not a single one in my life.” I opened the letter and what I read I couldn’t believe what it said. My companions must have noticed my face go pale and asked what the letter said, so I handed it to them and Niva, The tall Dwarf, read it aloud:

Dear Orsik,

I hope your travels have treated you well. I come with ill news.  My husband and your master, Douvenstaul, went off on one of his quests some time ago and I am truly worried for his well-being.  He said that he was going to a dragon burial site near Winterhaven.  I don’t wish to trouble you, but if you could be so kind as to bring him home to me I would be forever grateful.

My companions immediately  agreed that we shall make our way to Winterhaven in the morning.